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Agent-to-Owner Coaching Program

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EXPAND without Limits!

Are you a team owner looking to up your game as a leader? We have 2 options! Sign up as an Agent-Owner OR Sign-up YOU AND YOUR TEAM!

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Is this program the right fit for you?


Whether you are scaling a team with 2-3 people or looking to expand with 25+ agents, I want to help you strengthen your business acumen, increase team accountability, improve internal processes, minimize cash-flow problems, and stabilize your business for future growth.

Schedule a 15-minute FREE Coaching Consultation

Is this program the right fit for you?


Agent-to-Owner Coaching Program

  • What's included when I join at $899 a month?

    The program includes access to The Vault: a resource center of everything we have used to scale, build, and accelerate the growth of our team. 60-minutes of LIVE coaching over Zoom every week followed by 30-minutes of LIVE Q&A so you can get your most important questions answered.

  • What's included when I join at $1,399 a month?

    You get all the same great stuff included in when you join at $899 PLUS your team joins our Signature Elite Progression Series for Agents. They will have access to their own vault of resources, meet every week for 60-minutes of LIVE coaching over Zoom, and can join the 30-minutes of LIVE Q&A!

  • How do I know if I'm ready for Agent-to-Owner?

    This program was designed with the agent-owner in mind. If you're ready to build a team, regardless of size this program is right for you. On average, we look for agent-owners that are doing 25+ units every 12 months and are ready to step out of production into ownership.

  • Are my coaching sessions recorded?

    YES! We get it. The responsibilities of an Agent-Owner are vast. If you miss a live session, access The Vault to find session recordings and resource downloads from that week's coaching topic.

  • What are the benefits of coaching?

    Avoid the avoidable mistakes most real estate agents and business owners make. Accomplish more than you would on your own. Achieve your goals more quickly. Learn strategies to draw business directly to you...Just to name a few.

  • What can I expect out of my coach?

    The results of the program are dependent upon you and your determination to not only follow the program but to also decide there are no excuses when it comes to you getting the results you really want.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Elite One-on-One Coaching is a membership-based program. Payment is processed on a monthly basis. If you for whatever reason you'd like to cancel, please email Brendan at [email protected] 30-days in advance of canceling your membership.


What to Expect in the Program

  • STEP 1: Decide what pricing option fits your business best and sign-up for the Agent to Owner Program.

  • STEP 2: Log in to The Vault and start exploring the available resources, downloads, and tools.

  • STEP 3: Your journey begins! Join the LIVE Zoom session every week with other top agent-owners from around the country led by Brendan Bartic.

  • STEP 4: Stay the course. Commit to the process by tracking your numbers and reporting weekly. Before you can hold others accountable, you need to hold yourself accountable.

  • STEP 5: Support your progress with LIVE Q&A every week to get expert advice and solutions to your business's most challenging issues.